Miners' Lamp Ideas and Uses

Home Use

  • Light the dinner table – add romance.
  • Light that dark passageway.
  • Use outside on a patio or deck
  • Use during power outages or shortages.
  • Take it camping or to the cabin.
  • Decorate a shelf, or the mantel.
  • Use it as a beautiful conversation piece.
  • Explore that neighborhood cave.
  • Dig that tunnel in your basement.

Marine Use

  • Light the galley or head at night.
  • Light the galley table.
  • Hang it in the cockpit (gimbals available).
  • Hang on the end of the boom as a mooring light at night.
  • Light the engine area during servicing.

Corporate Gift

  • Personalize it with a corporate logo.
  • Engrave it with the recipient’s name, a date or event name – almost anything.
  • They make great safety awards.
  • Use them for retirement gifts.
  • Celebrate an employee’s tenure.


  • Safety
  • Appreciation/Recognition
  • Fine Workmanship
  • Design Genius
  • Historic Quality
  • Timeless Design
  • Function & Design


  • Leave it on the desk, or shelf, to impress colleagues
  • Hang it from your belt and imitate a miner
  • Bring it to a meeting as a sample of a timeless, functional design for inspiration.


  • They hold their value.
  • Collect the entire line.
  • Sorry, ours are new, but you can bang yours up a little, add some coal soot, and make it look used.
  • Take it on a visit to a mine.
  • Place it in your collectible case – under glass.
  • Buy the mahogany plinth to add to the beauty of the lamp.

Promotional / Incentive

  • Make a great award for job safety.
  • Reward an employee’s job performance.
  • Give as an award for design excellence.
  • Give as a gift to promote safety features of a new product or service