Miners' Lamps as Home Accessories

Lamp History

Made by E. Thomas & Williams, Ltd. of Aberdare, South Wales.
In continuous production since 1860.

A traditional piece of mining history makes a superb award, or gift, for today.

Replica Mining Lamp | Kerosene Lantern

Unique, High Quality

A thoroughly efficient safety lamp is not just a source of light in a coal mine. It is an instrument built in accordance with the laws of science. It ensures the burning of a protected flame in the presence of explosive gas. Regulating the necessary supply of atmospheric air, allows combustion to pass through without igniting the gas. If the atmosphere is heavy with noxious gas, its presence will be indicated by a change in the length and color of the flame. This ensures the workers (unless there are exceptional circumstances), have sufficient warning to secure their safety.

The principles on which an efficient safety lamp is constructed are practical, not theoretical. The component parts must all be in direct ratio. This ratio has been so accurately determined by tests, that any deviation will affect either the illuminating capacity of the lamp or its value as an indicator of danger.

An Impressive Heritage

Welsh Miners’ Lamps were designed over 180 years ago to alert coal miners of danger. Since then, they have been made with meticulous care for use in deep pit mines and oil rigs. Now yours to cherish, collect, and give as a beautiful and authentic piece of mining history.

Countless miners depended on the life-saving brass safety lamps produced by E. Thomas & Williams, Ltd. of Aberdare, South Wales. While supplying ample light, these Cambrian Safety Lamps’ main function was to detect the presence of explosive methane gas, a constant hazard to underground miners. The flame inside the lamp’s chamber could be “read” for dangerous levels of gas by observing specified changes in its color and shape.

Models: 4120, 4124 & 4126

These models have been simplified and are for personal use only. They do not have the required safety features for underground use. The E. Thomas & Williams, Ltd. lamps are constructed of solid metals, following the original design specs.

Models: R-400, R-401

These models are replica lamps made for the personal enjoyment only by the sons and daughters of former miners in South Wales. They can be lit.

Models: R-402, R-403

These are non-functional models intended for ornamental use only.

We guarantee our lamps for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return your purchase for a full refund during this time-period.